How Lovely to Be a Woman Available at Verbatim Books

On June 10, I was invited to do my very first in-store book event at the incredible Verbatim Books in San Diego! I was part of an author panel with local San Diego horror authors and HWA members Brian Asman (Man, Fuck This House), Dennis K. Crosby (Death’s Legacy), and S. Faxon (Origins), and moderated by KC Grifant (Melinda West: Monster Gunslinger). We had a brilliant time talking about the horror genre and signing books. And my lovely husband filmed the event and created this fantastic supercut!

After the panel, we all took a picture with Verbatim’s cardboard cutout of Stephen King, KC posted the photo to Twitter, and then this happened! Um, yeah, that’s one of the most influential horror writers ever retweeting our photo. I nearly passed out!

And finally, since my book sold well at the event, Verbatim asked me to drop off some additional copies. If you’re in San Diego and you’d like a copy of my collection, shop local and pick it up at Verbatim!